Houston senior Ty Scheets wrote this tribute to his classmate, David Foster.

Shining brightly so full of life,
invincible some might say.
Each star glowing together,
when night overcomes the day.

But when a star falters,
and falls from the sky,
it leaves others wondering,
Asking God, why?

But stars will always fade,
as every star must do.
This is a stars fate,
Even for me and for you.

But when the sky melts away,
and the stars fade to black,
That star will be in Heaven, shining,
saying friends.. Welcome back

“Although it seems I was cheated,
For being pulled away from the fun,,
Here the stars glow even stronger,
the strongest one being the Son.

The tears I shed have been wiped away,
with the hem of a blood stained shirt,
My Father, my Saviour. My Jesus,
Has taken away all of my hurt.