Ray Goodman, the Philadelphia man who is in Houston as he makes an 11,500-mile journey to see 20 of the nation’s top landmarks, said he has been overwhelmed by the generosity of Houston.

Goodman, who began his journey April 2 and visited Mammoth Springs, Ark., as his first stop, arrived in Houston on Wednesday. He was expecting a package from his home headquarters at the post office. It didn’t arrive, so he stayed a second day (Thursday) in town.

Just a couple hours after his story was posted on the Herald Web site, Goodman said Stephanie Lake and her family showed up at Emmett Kelly Park to meet him and buy his dinner. They also bought him cookies and personal hygiene products. The following morning, Stephanie brought him breakfast.

Shortly before noon, Jeff McNiell, the Herald’s editor, got word that Goodman was still in town. He met him at the library and after recording an interview, took him to his home for a shower and to wash laundry. The two then ate lunch at Texas County Memorial Hospital. Goodman said it was the best meal he’s had since his journey began.

McNiell, a Mizzou alum, gave Goodman a Missouri Tigers T-shirt and hat. Goodman is fond of the Tigers, he said, after his Philadelphia Eagles drafted Jeremy Maclin.

At TCMH, Goodman met CEO Wes Murray, who offered his support. Murray gave Goodman a TCMH T-shirt and is mailing several items to a future location on Goodman’s path. He said it will allow him to travel with less weight. Murray also purchased food and kerosene for Goodman’s stove – items that never arrived through the mail.

Lake and Murray both offered to buy Goodman’s dinner tonight.

Goodman said he plans to leave Houston around 2 a.m. Friday. He will continue north on U.S. 63 toward Jefferson City. His next landmark is Mount Rushmore.