Does the new not look the same in your Internet browser? There is a simple solution. Our site is designed to work on the newest versions of web browsers. It does not work well on IE6 or older. The good news is you simply need a free upgrade. You can get the latest version of Internet Explorer here.

Will Sullivan, the interactive director of (which recently launched on the same web platform the Houston Herald uses) explained, “The bottom line is that IE6 doesn’t support modern web design/programming standards that almost all the other browsers do. These uniform standards are what make the web thrive because a designer or programmer can create a website and it’ll work on Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, Netscape, Safari, mobile devices, etc. all using the same standards, but IE6 has a lot of quirks that break designs and website functionality.”

Ours isn’t the only site that functions best on newer browsers. Google, YouTube and even Microsoft are abandoning IE6 as well.

We hope by upgrading, you’ll have better and faster browsing of and the Internet.