Doug Davison

Doug Davison

Since I’ll be doing a little of this and a little of that for your primary local print and electronic news source, how familiar my graying mug and my tall, lanky, but ever-expanding frame become to the residents in and around Houston remains to be seen.

But one thing is certain: I’m a new guy again.

Not new to the news biz since I spent six years being the one-man sports department for a weekly publication in a community in northeast Georgia quite similar the one served by your Herald (right down to the small-town-with-a-big-city-name deal; it’s called Cleveland and has a population of about 3,000).

And not really all that new to this piece of the Ozarks since my wife, two daughters and I moved here in late 2006.

But I’m most definitely new to the Brad Gentry’s team and hopefully I’ll be able to be of some sort of value to he and assistant coach Jeff McNiell.

It’s kind of odd being new again and I couldn’t blame Coach G if he doesn’t give me much playing time for a while; right now I just need to learn the new offensive and defensive schemes.
Anyway, while your attention is focused in this direction, here are some lists to consider (vastly incomplete and presented in no particular order). I guess they represent a snippet of my personal bio.

Things I’m looking forward to:
–– Finding out what people most like about living here.
–– Finding out what people most like to complain about around here.
–– No longer being the new guy.
–– Fall weather.

Cool or weird things I’ve done:
–– Lived through the aftermath of a volcano eruption (I was a student in Pullman, Wash. when St. Helens blew up and dumped six inches of ash over most of the state’s high desert on the east side of the Cascade Mountains).
–– Lived in three corners and the middle of the country (California, Washington, Georgia and Missouri).
–– Seen a boat fly (maybe you’ve caught a replay of one of those unlimited hydroplanes getting too much air under it and sailing high off of a lake or river; it’s amazing to witness in person).
–– Driven from Georgia to Maine, Seattle to San Diego, and Houston (Mo.) to San Diego (round trip in all cases; man, there’s a lot of country in this country).

Things I know:
–– What a great college sports rivalry is like (Washington vs. Washington State; throw out the records, beef up the security and get ready for a donnybrook, whether it’s football or basketball).
–– Welsh Corgis shed big-time (our four-year-old boy Jamie is a walking hair storm).
–– Southern Missouri has some beautiful rivers.
–– Americans too often don’t vote in their own best interest.

Things I don’t know:
–– Why my wife sometimes says she’s not a great cook because she is.
–– Why my wife puts up with me knowing how many things I don’t know.
–– What really caused the dinosaurs to go away.
–– When (or if) common sense will become a driving force in political decision-making.

So there you have it. A bit of all-over-map-style rambling from the new guy.

My future offerings in column format probably won’t cram so many subjects into one package, but due to the diversity of my brain’s activity, the content could be about pretty much anything (a local character’s contribution, an issue or place that seems interesting at the moment or even our family horse’s apparent belief that he is a dog; we’ll see).

Thanks for now and maybe I’ll see y’uns around (sorry, I just had to do that).

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