It’s difficult to squeeze all of a coach’s comments into the newspaper. Houston High School softball coach Willy Walker asked that these particular words be published:

“I would like to give a BIG THANK YOU to Jeff McNiell for the coverage you give the sporting programs here at Houston. You go above and beyond, putting in long hours to give kids recognition in the newspaper, which contributes for them to get individual awards in district and the SCA. This helps write their resume to play at the next level.

“You spend a lot of time giving back to the community and as a parent, I would like to thank you personally for all do for the my daughter and the kids at the First Baptist Church as a youth leader.

“I can speak for the softball coaching staff – we appreciate everything you do. A person would have to look awful hard to find another paper that delivers the high school sports coverage as well as the Houston Herald does. As far as the typos go, well I will just say I have those occasionally myself, but I am no doctor. I wish you would post 50+ pictures from our home games, I use these a visual learning aids to show and critique players positioning and techniques on the field.”