By Doug Davison, Houston Herald

Sheriff Carl Watson and the rest of the group at the Texas County Sheriff’s Department are more used to hearing negative comments about what they do than those of the positive variety.

But now and then someone appreciates their efforts enough to say so.

Such was the case twice last week, as the TCSD received letters of praise from two different law enforcement agencies that were also involved in recent cases.

The Ozark County Sheriff’s Department sent a letter written and signed by Sheriff Raymond Pace and also signed by Chief Deputy Darrin Reed thanking the TCSD for its role in apprehending murder suspect Marty Overby. Overby was wanted for a homicide that had occurred in Ozark County in September and was found in the southern end of Texas County after several tries looking for him.

Included in the letter were the lines “I contacted Sheriff Carl Watson for his assistance and they dropped everything they were doing to assist our deputies. I know Sheriff Carl Watson and his deputies worked hard and long hours to help on this investigation. If not for their help this case wouldn’t have moved as quickly as it did. It was a pleasure to work with such a professional and dedicated department. The citizens of Texas County should be proud to have a sheriff’s department with such dedication.”

The TCSD’s pat-on-the-back week also featured a letter of appreciation written and signed by Houston Police Chief Jim McNiell regarding two separate burglary incidents that occurred at Farris Sales and Service in Houston on Oct. 24 and 31. As a result of the combined efforts of the two agencies, Jason Micheal Averett, 33, of Houston, has been charged with four Class C felonies and the stolen equipment, valued at $3,840.52, was recovered and returned to owner Chuck Lee.

McNiell’s letter expressed “heartfelt thanks” to TCSD deputies Mike Huffman, Phil Viscioni and Dusty Jones for their roles in the investigation and went on to say “I appreciate the excellent working relationship between our two departments.”

In his usual understated style, Watson said the kind words were gratifying.

“It’s always nice to hear something positive about what you do,” he said.

No doubt.

In Watson’s line of work, people with a bone to pick will most often be quick to make it known while satisfied customers exercise their right to remain silent.

That’s human nature and it comes with the territory so it’s expected. But getting an atta-boy once in while never hurts.

Way to go TCSD.

Doug Davison is a writer, copy editor and advertising representative for the Houston Herald. E-mail him at