As he was doing his dishes Thursday afternoon, something caught Todd McKinney’s eyes. He initially believed it was a cow. But a closer look revealed a special animal: an albino deer.

Todd called his brother, Boulder, and they tracked the doe to a nearby field in the Dog’s Bluff area.

This photo, taken by the Herald’s Jeff McNiell, is from a bluff several hundred yards away. The deer appeared to be eating among the trees and after 30 minutes, briefly came from behind them. It was in a group of about eight other deer.

Dr. Joe Richardson, who has property nearby across the river, said Friday morning that he has seen the deer six times since Aug. 31 and been close enough to take photos three times.

Richardson said he last saw the doe bedded down near his home. He didn’t have a camera.

“I got out of my pickup and walked within 30 yards of it, thinking it was trash or something else because it wouldn’t move,” Richardson said. “It finally stood up and calmly eased off.”