If you think homelessness is only an issue in big cities like Los Angeles and New York, think again.

While it’s true there aren’t a lot of homeless people in Texas County, most people might be surprised to find out how many there actually are –– or that there are any at all, for that matter.

Next week’s issue of the Houston Herald will include the first installment in a two-week series of stories about homelessness in Texas County. The article will include state, region and county statistics as well as information and statements gathered from people involved in assisting homeless people, such as workers the Texas County Food Pantry.

The second article, in the Feb. 3 Herald, will document this year’s first of two Point in Time counts, a 24-hour census of Missouri homeless people overseen by the Missouri Association of Social Welfare and the Missouri Housing Development Commission that provides data used to determine allotment of homelessness prevention assistance funds.
Several county agencies will be involved in the count.

Statements from homeless or formerly homeless people will also hopefully be included in both articles.