The City of Houston sent a letter last week to homeowners along four streets in town to notify them that new sidewalks may soon be built for students at Houston R-1 Schools.

In the letter from City Administrator Larry Sutton, he said funds will be requested from the Safe Routes to School Program. “At the present time, students have to walk in the streets and ditches on these designated sections,” Sutton said in the letter.

The proposed sidewalks will be five feet wide, concrete and cross driveways. The proposed sidewalks will be along the right-of-way on:

-Bryan Street, west side, Hawthorn to Highway 17.
-Ozark Street, north side, Frederick to Airport.
-King Street, east side, Chestnut to Ozark.
-Chestnut Street, north side, King to Hamrick.

Sutton said the city will be notified in June if it is eligible for the funds. The project will be evaluated in a statewide competition. If approved, Sutton said the project is projected to be bid for work in the summer of 2012.