TCMH has invited the public to take part in signing a steel beam that will be used in construction.

“The beam we have for signing is one that will be used to connect the new construction to the old portion of the hospital,” Murray said.

The steel beam is painted white and is located on saw horses next to the TCMH helipad. Hospital staff members have already begun signing the beam, and members of the public are also invited to sign the beam before it is used in the construction.

“There is a lot of interest in our construction project,” Murray said, “And the beam signing gives everyone the opportunity to have a permanent connection with the project.”

Murray invited TCMH department managers to be the first people to sign the beam.




The steel beam will be available on the TCMH grounds for signing for approximately one week.

In addition to the steel beam signing, TCMH is preparing a time capsule to be placed in the ground next to the new construction.